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IK Bottles with Labels

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Spray Bottle
The whole package. Get the bottles here and we'll apply the label so you don't have to.  
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The whole package. Get the bottles here and we'll apply the label so you don't have to.


How To Apply Your Labels

When applying the labels, it's crucial that you be patient and take your time. A careful and precise installation will yield the best results.

The first time is the hardest and it's ok if it doesn't go as planned. In every order you'll notice a duplicate label. This the one you should start with while you get the hag of the installation. If you mess up, no sweat. Just remove it and use the duplicate.


1. Thoroughly clean the surface area where the label will be placed. Even if the bottle is brand new and fresh out of the box, it must be cleaned.
2. Allow the surface to completely dry.
3. Starting from any corner, peel the backing off the label, leaving the sticky side exposed. Please take your time with this step and peel back slowly to ensure each character is sticking to the transfer tape. If the tape does not pick up a character, simply reapply the transfer tape to that character, apply pressure, and try again slowly.
4. Line up the label in the desired location and place it onto to the surface. (Note: lightly warming the surface with a heat gun prior to application will help grab the vinyl better during application. The bottle should be empty if you choose to use a heat gun.)
5. Smooth out the label with a vinyl applicator or credit card. Move from the center outwards to smooth and remove any bubbles.
6. Starting from a corner, peel the transfer tape from the surface slowly.
7. Confirm the label is completely adhered to the surface by rubbing your fingers across it. It is recommended to let the bottles sit for a day before using them to ensure maximum adhesion.

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IK Bottles with Labels
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